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Pure Shilajit UK Extract Capsules - Black Maca & Shilajit.

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Pure Shilajit UK Extract Capsules - Black Maca & Shilajit

60* capsules / 500mg 
250mg Shilajit / 250mg Black Maca 
Take one, three times a day.
100% Organic

A blend of top quality Shilajit & Black Maca Root. Shilajit works with Black Maca to enhance benefits as well as providing benefits.

Maca is derived from a Peruvian plant that has been cultivated for more than 2000 years. Maca has been used for centuries for nutritional purposes.

Black Maca is the rarest form of Maca and is thought to be the most sacred and saved for acute treatment of constitutional insufficiencies or chonic conditions. Black Maca represents the external energy of our body that which strengthens, gives vitality and gives direction to our body.

Main Health Benefits:

  • Improves Mood
  • Boosts Performance & Energy
  • Improves Brain Function
  • Increases Drive
  • Promotes Prostate Health

Our Vegetable (Vegan) capsules consist of two ingredients: HPMC and purified water. HPMC  is derived from vegetable cellulose of either pine or poplar. 100% natural - These capsules contain no preservatives, no gelatine, wheat, animal by-products or starch. 

*60 capsules per bottle. Not 50, picture not updated*